Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser Review – When a product helps you win Tetris with the bathroom cabinet!

If you are a bit of a skin care addict like myself you will know that there comes a point when your bathroom cabinet looks like it might fall off the wall if you put anything else in there!

My husbands toiletries have already been moved out and into another bathroom so it’s not like I am fighting for space!! Yet I am still playing a game of Tetris every-time I need something that’s not been used for a day or so.

With that in mind I always love a product that doubles up and has more than one use especially when you find this out AFTER you have bought it. (Also helps me to justify what I have spent when a product has more than one use.)
When your tube is so battered you need a picture from the internet for your blog!

When your tube is so battered you need a picture from the internet for your blog!

And that’s exactly what the Glow Mud Mask Cleanser by Pixi is for me. Took me a while to warm to this product as I don’t think it falls into the typical cleanser category but slowly but surely its other uses have won me over and its now a staple at the front of the cabinet!  Here is some more info on
  • Name: Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser
  • What it is: A deep purifying cleanser but I also use it as a mask
  • Where can you buy it: Pixi, Amazon*, Marks & Spencer, Cult Beauty, ASOS but to name a few online retailers. Pixi also have a flagship store in Covent Garden and have concession stands in the beauty departments of some of the bigger M & S Stores.
  • What sizes does it come in: To purchase on its own you would need to buy it in the 135ml tube. They do have miniatures available in the Glow Kits you can purchase online.
  • How much does it cost: £18 from most retailers however I have seen it cheaper on Amazon.
  • Does it get promoted: If you are a sparks card holder at M&S They regularly hold 20% off beauty events which is the perfect time to stock up.
  • What does it claim to do: A deep pore cleansing mud that gently exfoliates while purifying for radiant skin
  • When do you use it:  Says on the tube to use AM & PM Daily I find it’s a good evening
  • Repurchase Ratings: Really Like this product and will repurchase again.
  • Comments: So this cleanser came from M&S at Xmas in a gift set complete with a bottle of glow tonic and the cleansing cloths. To be honest at Xmas I received that many cleansers that it did not get used for a while. When I did use it at first I found it a little bit to thick for my liking and it was hard to work into damp skin.
    After speaking with a few of my fellow skin care lovers on instagram, it seemed like a few people felt the same way. Because of this it went to the back of the cabinet for a while.
    I then set myself the challenge of making some space in the bathroom cabinet by finishing things up that had been lurking in there for too long. This product then came out again and I tried it on my face using a bit more water to emulsify the product. I found that it worked much better as a cleanser when doing this. I found it was perfect as a second cleanse when you had already removed make up to really get to work on your face. It’s no good at removing make up so I would not even bother using it for that!I then accidentally left the product on longer than advised for – can’t remember the reason why, no doubt it was the mini hooligan, the cat or the husbands fault!!!!
    After leaving it on for over 5 minutes I then rinsed off and found my skin felt really clean afterwards. I think the extra time gave the glycollic acid in this product time to kick in. So now alongside using this product as a cleanser I also use it as a mask.Personally I prefer to use this at night but I can’t see why you could not use this in the daytime too.
    Whilst researching this for the blog I have also noticed that Pixi have a Glow Mud Mask also available in the range so I guess its only right that I purchase that as well when I repurchase this one right???
When your tube is so battered you need a picture from the internet for your blog!

When your tube is so battered you need a picture from the internet for your blog!

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