November Tales

WHERE DID NOVEMBER GO????? I had grand plans to buy and wrap the majority of Xmas presents this month ahead of the mayhem in December and basically enjoy the lead up to Xmas rather than running round like a lunatic as I normally do. Well as normal every time I went to the shops I came [...]

October Tales

  Halloween has definitely taken over October hasn’t it? The decorations and outfits from the children in the village round here were next level. It was lovely to see so much effort being put in. A million miles from Halloween when I was little where our outfits were binbags if that!!! I can’t wait until [...]

When its hard to resist a bargain…. The Body Shop Sale!

My name is Emma and I love to shop…… Shopping is definitely one of my favourite things to do and I love nothing more than a trip to the shops to pick up some bits that I usually don’t need but most definitely want. Throw in some food and spending someone else’s money whilst out [...]

April Tales – A Monthly Review of this & that!

So time for April's monthly review!! I knew that April was going to be a busy month. Despite being on maternity leave the Easter Break in the middle of the month really made it feel like April was here and gone in a flash. Did anyone have a “Holy Fuck it’s May” moment on Monday? We [...]

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Growing up the Bodyshop to me was Strawberry Lip-balms and White Musk Gift sets which would always make an appearance around Xmas time. As I grew older I would only really visit the stores around Xmas time to buy secret Santa gifts and a mango gift set for my mum, who this year after having received [...]

Getting your glow on with Pixi Glow Tonic

Long before I started this blog, I began to take more of a vested interest in my skincare routine. I have always loved makeup, but I am no makeup artist and it was soon apparent that I needed to sort the face out ahead of anything else. Quite a few of the makeup bloggers that [...]

No Fuss Masks – NIP+FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask

When it comes to adding extra hydration into my skincare routine you could say I am there like a kid in a sweet shop! Although I am good at maintaining a skincare routine I fear I lack in the “lifestyle” elements that are important to keeping your skin in good condition. I very rarely drink [...]