December Tales


Probably only right that I finished 2017 by posting this late!

So December, the busiest month of the year passed by in an absolute flash. Was not the best start if I am honest. The snow meant that we had to postpone a little child free break to York. Then to top it off Clark picked up a bug and ever so graciously passed it on to me, then Adam and finally my poor mum who was drafted in to help out. I am convinced that your immune system when pregnant packs up and leaves for warmer climates as I always catch bugs when pregnant. Not ideal.

But by the time Xmas rolled around we were all back to normal and we were able to have some time as a family. We had both Adam’s parents visit and hosted my parents on Xmas day so it was a full on few days. Although it was lovely to see everyone I think parts were very overwhelming for Clark and he is still too young to really get Xmas. Our trip to see Santa was probably more stressful than anything with the loud noises freaking Clark out. Luckily he had calmed down by the time we got to see Santa so it was not a complete bust. As you can see from the picture below he was less than impressed.


Not quite feeling the festive spirit!

Not quite feeling the festive spirit!


So here is a roundup of what was happening in December:

What I am loving:

Buffet by the Ordinary – I bought this in the summer and added it to my nighttime routine. Frankly though being so tired has meant that I am pretty poor with sticking to my night-time routine so when I ran out of my Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serum I decided to double up and use this as both my AM & PM Treatment.

I have to say I am definitely a fan. Firstly the price for me is a big draw. It’s £12.70 for 30ml which for an anti agin serum is pretty bloody good. Not only that it’s easily absorbed and does not leave you with that silicone feeling that some serums do. There is no scent to put you off and I have had quite a few compliments on my skin during december which I will put down to this. My skin really needs all it can at the moment as my pregnancy sickness has still not left the building so I know that I have to contend with being dehydrated and looking a bit pasty after each episode so anything that helps is a bonus at the moment.

What I am Loathing:

This December really brought meaning to the pressures that we put on ourselves at Xmas. Trying to fit in seeing people who you probably don’t see half the year, buying gifts for everyone and finding time to wrap it all, having the guilt that you may not have bought enough or worried that someones been forgotten whilst all keeping kids entertained and making them feel the magic of Xmas. This in itself is a full-time activity so putting all this on top of day-to-day life is frankly such an insane task and for me this year also being pregnant led to a few emotional outbursts and generally feeling knackered the whole time. For 2018 I know I need to start the Xmas Prep a lot earlier but like all intentions made at this time of the year whether I will stick to the plan is another thing.

New Things I have Started:

As a brand Caudalie are up there for me with such lovely products such as their Grape Water (still one of my top spritz ever) I had received a sample of the Micellar Water and have to say I was impressed, its gentle on the face but tough enough to remove any traces of panda eye that are left behind when I get out of the shower.

Caudalie Micellar Water

I have since started my second bottle of this and its now on my bedside for those nights when lets face it you just can’t be bothered. Quite often I have been laying down on my bed with the intention of having five minutes downtime before I get into bed. Before I know it i have either wasted an hour on social media, lost some time watching trash tv or have passed out from just being shattered. It’s those nights that time in front of the sink doing a full skin routine just get shelved so its good to have something close to hand to take off as much dirt as I can.  It’s not ideal but I am far from disciplined in this area and frankly if I am tired then there is no chance.

After speaking with some friends about this someone suggested doing my PM skin routine earlier in the evening so now when I put Clark to bed I try to do it while I wait for him to fall asleep. Also means I can get in my maternity PJs at the same time and it does not then matter if I fall asleep mid Kardashians. Doesn’t always happen but its improving so I will take that!!

Old Things I have finished:

December was definitely a month for trying to finish up what I could in the bathroom Cabinet ahead of Xmas Gifts and Sale Shopping. My Soap & Glory stash is slowing dwindling as i managed to finish off another body butter (only a travel sized one but still!), one of the large shower gels and threw away two body mists that I was never going to use.

I also got to work on some of my serums. I had finished my last bottle of The Ordinary’s Hyalonic Acid (you can read a full review on that here) as well as my Vitamin C Serum. Both are products I really enjoyed using and will no doubt purchase again within the next few months. In the meantime thought I am attempting to streamline whats in the stash so that nothing goes to waste.

Finally I finished up the tub of Vitamin E face cream from the Bodyshop. I purchased the Intense version by accident and its been lurking around in the cupboard for quite some time now. I knew it would end up going off if I did not finish it so made an effort to slather it on at night as and when I could. In fairness given how cold its been it was the right time of year to finish it off as my face needed all the help it could get dealing with the effects of Cold Weather and Central Heating  whilst being hormonal!

What I am Reading:

So finding time to pick up a book in December…. ha ha ha ha ha

I did however manage to read some magazines which is a win I will take. I subscribe to Grazia and Glamour which I think I have mentioned. Subscriptions are great as there is literally no thought into it. Once you have paid (either DD or in full for a year) they just arrive in the post. I do find I usually have a pile to catch up on but it’s also a good reminder to slow the hell down and take a break.

There was an interesting article in Grazia talking about running away at Xmas which really struck a chord with me about how not everyone feels the Xmas Vibe. Some people use that time off to travel or do things that fall outside of the typical Xmas box. I am really proud of friends of mine who went out and worked with a charities over the Xmas period. I did not get quite that far but we donated what we would spend on our Xmas Cards to charity. Do people really care if they get a card or not from you? I don’t think so to be honest. We donated to the mum vs cancer cause which you can read about here.

On Saturday 23rd we also closed up Carway’s Candy (my confectionary Business for anyone who doesn’t know) and donated all our stock that was left over to a local charity that feed the homeless in the area. Hopefully we will be working more with these guys in 2018.

Who I am following:

At the moment I am trying to find inspiration for some decorating in the house and am looking for tiles for our kitchen and also wallpaper for Clarks bedroom, neither of which require me to remortgage. Can anyone recommend some good interior inspiration on Instagram for me to have a nose at?

What’s going on my Wishlist:

I have previously mentioned that I was sent some Items from a friend that included some fabulous bits from Clarin’s. I have really enjoyed using the night cream and am keen to try some of the other products.

Having been in Boots they have some really pretty gift sets that I have my eye on and will hopefully pick up a couple of them when they go into the sale on Boxing Day.

I did not ask for skincare on this years list to Santa. Instead I asked for some vouchers to treat myself to Spa Days and treatments. Given how I preach how important self care is I can be pretty useless as actually coughing up the money myself to spend time at a spa or salon. So I will keep you updated what I spend my vouchers on!

Anyways this is late enough in 2018 to be writing about 2017 so take care and enjoy 2018!